It’s A Wrap Studio (IAWS) has over 2,600 sf of space with  several staged sets.  Whether you need the entire space or just a set,  IAWS got you covered.  Our goal is to give you excellent customer service and the opportunity to create great works at affordable rates.  

There is a minimum of 4 hours required to book.  

If you are doing a music video  or photo shoot, the minimum is 2 hours. 

When you use our space, you utilize the ENTIRE space.    We respect your creativity, therefore, you do not share with others. 


Sunday  -Thursday 
7:30 am – 10:30 pm.  

Friday & Saturday 22 hours.

The studio DOES NOT allow DROP-INS!

All Booking Must Be Done Online. Payments due at the time of booking.


Upon entering the REAR of studio, you will be met with staged sets.

  • Full Open Studio Apartment space. It includes Living room, dining room & kitchen. 2 bedrooms
  • Public Restroom. Bathroom (can be used as set)Note:  this area is in the back, however, there is a door added to it to give it the outside look of a home and the warehouse door to look like a garage with a nice fence. (compliments of landlord)

The MIDDLE of the studio

  • Make up, Wardrobe & cast holding ( lab coats, prison uniforms, hospital gowns, and judges robe)
  • Storage area (can be used to store items not using during set time)
  • Interrogation Room/ Conference Room/Visiting/Meeting Room (NOTE: this space is multi-use) 
  • Hospital waiting room.  (this space is also used for photoshoots, workshops & trainings. Filmmakers can also use backdrops and props for this section if needed.) 

The SHOWROOM (FRONT) of the studio:

  • The opposite side of the interrogation room
  • Phone wall with payphone on them
  • Hospital room ( Bed, IV poles, chair, patient monitor, telephone, bed table, & oxygen with tubing 
  • 2 jail cells (one with single cot, toilet and can be used as a holding cell with 2 benches.  The other cell has a bunk bed and toilet.) 
  • Courtroom (handmade judges bench and witness stand, prosecutor & lawyer desk)
  • Receptionist area/Visitors Desk . 
  • 2 doors with steps on them.  (they can be used as the steps of someones house -(Note:  this space can also be converted to a small outdoor restaraunt  if filmmakers & artists choose)

The open space has enough square footage for a playwright to set up a stage and record a stage play.  Playwrights must take down their sets when done.


While IAWS focuses is on the independent filmmakers & artists, we also offer can assist with the following services for a fee.

  • Scriptwriting Support
  • Cinematographers 
  • Casting
  • Directing
  • Coaching

Our team are Certified Safe Sets Producers (Level A & Level B).  We utilize all safety, social distancing and precautionary measures.  No one is allowed on set that does not adhere to Covid-19 safety measures.