If your question is not answered here, please email us or call us and we will do our best to assist you.  :

1. Do I need Insurance to utilize the studio?    You are responsible for your own insurance to cover damage and liability. You must add Just 4 Us Foundation as a rider on the policy.  However, if you do not have insurance please call the office and staff will gladly work with you.  

2. What happens if I get hurt on set?   You  and your crew must agree to a hold harmless agreement and understand that use of the studio is at your own risk and liability.

3. Do I need to get a permit to film at the studio?  You do not need a permit. You are also allowed to use the outside of the FRONT or REAR of the studio upon approval of staff.

4.  How many people can be in a production at 1 time.  This is a 2,600 sf studio for indie artist, therefore we allow only no more than 10 people at  a time.  If you have a crew of more please call the office and the staff will gladly assist you.

5.  What are the rules for the studio?
1. No SMOKING, VAPING, ALCOHOL or any fire ignited objects allowed in the building.   Smoking is allowed in the REAR of the building and the there is a container for cigarette butts.   Music is allowed at a respectful volume with low bass. Mask required in additon to following other CDC regulations.  You will be held responsible for making sure that cigarette butts are in the container.  Failure to clean-up smoking related debris. will result in a $75 dollar cleaning fee.  2. No  fake blood, etc without prior approval.  3. No animals allowed inside studio.  4. Please stage all equipment in designated areas to avoid damage.  5. Keep areas around set clear at all times.  6. No painting/aresols indoors.  7. If you need to hang pictures, it is acceptable.  8. All furniture and décor that is moved, must be returned to original position after filming. 9.  Although you have the entire studio at your disposal, please use the wipes to clean up and sanitize  areas used after you complete your production.  BE  mindful of others coming in behind you.  10.  Practice Social Distancing  11.  Crew MUST wipe and spray the areas that were used. Failure to comply will result in  cleaning fee.  12. No fighting, disruptive or disrespectful behaviors.  Please NOTE that one persons behavior can hinder the entire production.  All cast/crew will be asked to leave for violation of ANY of these rules with NO REFUND. 

6. When are we able to scout the studio?  We allowing location scout by appointment only.  Potential clients can call the studio and a staff will be willing to answer any questions you may have.  You can also look at the website to get a basic idea of what we offer.  Scouting is NOT allowed during filming. 

7. What areas are we to cleaned upon completion of set?  All areas and equipment used must be cleaned and ready for next crew. SANITIZED, Floors swept, removal of tape markers, wipe up spills, counter tops etc.   The crew coming in behind you  should not have to clean behind you.

8. How do we calculate hours?  Booking is done in 4, 8, and 11 hour increments. Your time begins when the first cast/crew enters the studio.

9. How is the parking?  hParking has always been an issue for filmmakers/artists. There is plenty of parking in the rear of the building.  We ask that cast/crew DO NOT park in the pizza store spaces (front/side rear) nor the green door spaces (front).  We are the only 3 businesses on the row and we operate in harmony.

10. Is the studio soundproof?  IAWS is not 100% soundproof. As a studio that caters to independent and budget conscious projects whose rates are significantly low, we ask that you bear with us. Thus far, we’ve been able to have successful projects. The main street that leads to the studio has very little traffic. The neighbors next door teach art classes at times and the pizza shop is not yet open.

11. My child is a student filmmaker, how are discounts applied for students?  Currently the rates for students are $50.00 per hour.  Students must show provide proof  that they are a student filmmaker  with a  letter from school verifying that they are doing a student project along with student ID.

12. I need extra time, can I schedule for more time?  At this time we are not allowing overages.  We strongly suggest that you plan your production carefully.     If you run 15 minutes over you will be charged  and your production will be stopped. 

13. I booked and paid for a slot but can’t make the date. Can I get my  money back?  Cancellations are as follows:  2 weeks notice will receive 50% refund.  30 days notice full refund.    There is no refund for cancellations of a week  -9 days in advance.  

14.  How far in advance can I book a production?  You can book up to six months in advance.

15.  We are scheduled for filming how do we access the studio?  If all documents are submitted and verified,  and signed.  You will be provided with information on how to access the studio. you will be provided with a code to access the building.

16.  I would like to book one of your partner locations for my film. What is the process. The process to use  Our Friends of the Studio property is the same as booking for the studio.  However, as these places are on a upper scale, your rates can range from $135 per hour to 200 per hour.  Once you have been approved to use our Friends of the Studio property,  instructions will be provided.  –A JFUF staff will be meet your team at the location and will also ensure that the production runs smoothly.